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Mar 21, 2022
In Food Fighters
We had the great honor to attend Hanel's third meeting and meet many members of the club. It was a wonderful afternoon that we spent with laughter, delicious food, full of the hospitality of Mr. Cho Heerap and his beautiful family. The menu included various Greek and Korean dishes, with the main element being 삼겹살 (samgyeopsal-Korean grilled pork belly), as well as sweets. We would like to thank Mr. Heerap and his family for their hospitality and help in preparing the necessary ingredients, Mr. Kim for his organization and assistance in grilling 삼겹살 as well as all those who attented the meeting. And, of course, I thank the Food Fighters team for the delicious food and sweets they brought and made that afternoon rich in flavor and love. Mr. Kim Food Fighters Team Mr. Cho Heerap grilling 삼겹살
Saturday, 19/3/2022, 3d Hanel Meeting  content media
Mar 17, 2022
In Food Fighters
Hello everyone. I'm really happy that I'm part of Food Fighters. I believe that the cuisine of every country reflects the culture of the people who live in it. Even though we live in another continent so far from Korea, I strongly believe that the more we learn about the Korean food the closer we get to the Korean culture itself. So I hope we have fun in this journey together, make lots of food, lots of mistakes and, of course, eat a lot.


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